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Would You Still Pass the Driving Test?

Passing the driver's exam -- we've all had to do it at one point or another. (If you never did, let us know so we won't be on the road at the same time as you.) For some of us, it was more recent, and for others, it's been a few more years. But would you still be able to pass the test if you had to take it again today? At Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock, Arkansas, we put together a sample of questions from the driver's test to see how we'd do…
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How to Change a Flat Tire

The dreaded flat tire. It's an inconvenience that we all will probably have to deal with at one point or another.

At Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock, Arkansas, we want you to be ready in the event you have to change a flat tire on the side of the road. Here are 10 steps to get your car back in service:

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Toyota Safety Sense: Brand New Safety Suite!

Toyota already produces some of the safest cars on the road. But things are getting even safer around Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the newly announced Toyota Safety Sense (TSS).

TSS is a brand-new suite of safety features that will be available across Toyota's line-up, beginning with the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid later this year. Two TSS systems will be available:

Toyota Safety Sense C, on compact models

Toyota Safety Sense P, on mid-size and premium models

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How to Remove a Bumper Sticker from Your Car

Bumper stickers with inappropriate sayings. Campaign stickers. Your college group's letters. We all have bumper stickers on our cars we wish weren't there anymore. But, being designed to stick in all conditions, they're not easy to remove.

At Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock, Arkansas, we've been asked before about the best ways to remove bumper stickers from cars, so we put together a step-by-step guide.

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10 Tips for Washing Your Car

Washing your vehicle regularly is one of the most important parts of keeping your car in tip-top shape for years to come. But washing is much more than just soap and water!

At Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock, Arkansas, we want to help you keep your car looking showroom-ready. Here are some of our top tips when it comes to washing your car.

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9 Things You Didn't Know About Toyota

Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world. That's why we're proud to stand behind these great vehicles here at Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock, Arkansas.

But how has Toyota gotten to where it is today? Let's take a look at some things you might not know about Toyota:


1. Toyota was originally spelled Toyoda. A competition in September 1936 for a new logo design resulted in the change. Also because "toyoda" translates literally to "fertile rice paddies."

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Coming Soon: 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Presenting the first hybrid in its class, the updated 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid! With an all-new hybrid option, updated exterior and interior and Toyota's all-new Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) multi-features safety system.

The RAV4 Hybrid will be the eighth hybrid model we will offer here at Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock, Arkansas, and we're expecting it in the dealership this fall/winter.

We know what you're thinking: hybrids drive like golf carts. However, the RAV4 Hybrid will actually have more horsepower and quicker acceleration than the regular RAV4! Don't believe us? You'll have to…

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