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Meet Miracle Makers Recipient Mike Burkes: An Unbreakable Heart’s Battle For Health and a Home

Last night on KARK 4, Steve Landers announced our 3rd annual Miracle Makers recipient. It was quite an emotional experience meeting Mike Burkes and speaking with him, as you can see from the video below.

Mike is a veteran, husband and father to two young boys--a family man who has been fighting an uphill battle with cancer. We have chosen to help him because of this devastatingly heartwarming story.

It all started with a toothache. After going to the doctor to get it checked, he was told that he had developed a cancer of the rarest kind. The kicker? It…

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Toyota Sees a New Addition to its Hybrid Lineup

At Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock, we know that Toyota is one of the most eco-friendly automotive companies in the world. Because of their commitment to innovative, efficient vehicles, they continually pave the way toward a greener future on the highway.

It may not seem like fifteen years ago, but when the Toyota Prius first hit the market in 2000 it changed the game in terms of how efficient and eco-friendly a mass market vehicle could actually be. The Prius is now the world’s best-selling hybrid vehicle, and Toyota hasn’t looked back since.

Including the Prius, Toyota…

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You Might Drive a Toyota in Little Rock If...

Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock presents: You Might Drive a Toyota If…

You’re driving a hybrid. With 7 available hybrid vehicles to choose from, including the industry standard Toyota Prius, if you’re driving a green vehicle, chances are it’s a Toyota.

You rarely stop at a gas station. Speaking of hybrids! Toyota offers some of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the market, including the Toyota Camry (35 hwy mpg), the Toyota Corolla (42 hwy mpg), and the Toyota Prius (48 hwy mpg).

Your odometer is about to run out of room. If your vehicle just…

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Best Haunted Houses in Little Rock

With Halloween approaching soon, you’ve probably been aching for a good scare. Luckily, Little Rock boasts some fantastic haunted houses! We at Steve Landers Toyota put together our list of the best haunted houses in Little Rock and the Central Arkansas Area at-large. Check it out below!

Night Terrors. This haunted house is one of the most excellent scares in the entire state! It’s located on West Markham street, features paid actors and showcases a ton of computer-generated and live-action special effects to scare your pants off! Considering this haunted house is built to scare you stupid, it…

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The Basics of Defensive Driving in Little Rock

There’s nothing worse than having your daily commute interrupted by an aggressive driver. Causing one-third of all traffic crashes, irresponsible, reckless, and aggressive drivers clog up the roads and seriously endanger everyone around them with their bad driving habits. Although you can’t control those around you, you can do your part to create a safer driving environment by practicing basic defensive driving skills. Not exactly sure what defensive driving is? We at Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock offer some basic tips below to get you started.

Stay Alert. Be aware of your surroundings by keeping the daydreaming…

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Toyota Camry vs. Toyota Corolla

If you’ve decided on purchasing a Toyota sedan from us at Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock, more likely than not, you’ll end up comparing two of our most popular sedan options--the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Camry. And for good reason, as these are two of the most popular models in the country, thanks to their flashy looks, tremendous reliability, and excellent price points.

To help you decide whether the Corolla or the Camry is right for you, we at Steve Landers Toyota offer a side-by-side comparison of these two successful sedans.

Toyota Corolla

With a remarkably…

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Emergency Items to Keep in Your Toyota

Let’s face it--sometimes emergency situations arise in your vehicle. Luckily you’re driving a Toyota, the most dependable automobile in the world! But even still, no driver is fully exempt from the possibility of an emergency situation.

From a flat tire, dead batteries all the way to engine failure, a vehicle is a complex machine and it’s important to be prepared for any issues that may arise. At Steve Landers Toyota, we want to lay out a few crucial emergency items to keep in your Toyota so you’ll always be ready for whatever comes your way!

  1. Cell…

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2015 Cans For a Cause Charity Event

Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock will be hosting the very first Cans For a Cause benefit event at the 2015 Arkansas State Fair.


The event will take place all day on Tuesday, October 13th and we invite all to come out to participate!


At the main entrance to the Arkansas State Fair, our dealership will be set up with new Toyota Tundras parked and ready to be filled with canned goods.

What do we do?

All you’ve got to do to participate is to bring four canned goods with you and place them in our Tundras…

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4 Fun Road Trip Games For the Family in Little Rock

“Are we there yet?!”

This exasperated phrase uttered by our children on long car rides is one we parents know all too well. Sometimes there’s not much else to say other than “we get there when we get there!” We at Steve Landers Toyota know the struggle.

But to take your child’s mind (and yours) off the long road trip ahead, why not engage your youngster’s imagination with some fun road trip…

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Steve Landers Auto Group to Sponsor Lance Ellison Annual Golf Tournament

On Friday, September 11th , Steve Landers Auto Group will be sponsoring the Lance Ellison Annual Golf Tournament. Lance Ellison, former razorback football player, was injured in a car accident in 2001. The accident left Lance with multiple internal injuries and he is now completely dependent on someone else to feed him and take care of any other needs.


The Razorback Foundation has been there to lend a hand to Lance by supplying him with…

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