The way you drive can often determine what vehicle you pick out. What if there was a car that would allow you to drive the way you wanted to in that moment, and switch to a different style of driving later? With the 2016 Toyota Avalon, our customers here at Steve Landers Toyota in Little Rock will finally be able to live that dream. Click below to see our selection and keep reading to see the driving capabilities.

See Our Selection of the 2016 Toyota Avalon

With three different driving modes to choose from the 2016 Toyota Avalon offers a truly customizable driving experience. The normal mode is for any novice driver and regular customers who just want a great car, and want to have the comfort and style of the great Toyota models. With ECO mode and Sport mode, the choice on how to drive is all yours. ECO mode offers softer shifts, reduces the air conditioner compressor draw on the electrical system, and the transmission shifts into higher gears sooner to maintain a lower engine RPM. Also, the gas pedal is less responsive to prevent unnecessarily quick acceleration and jack rabbit starts. Sport mode is the opposite of ECO mode. Sport Mode has firmer shifts, the gas pedal is more responsive, and the transmission holds gears longer to keep engines at higher RPMs.

See Our Selection of the 2017 Toyota Avalon

Your car should be able to change to the way you feel you want to drive in that moment. Are you out for just a relaxing Sunday drive? Choose the ECO mode and it will save you money at the pump. Are you wanting more control? Choose the Sport mode and truly be the captain of an impressive vehicle. Whatever the moment calls for, choose a 2016 Toyota Avalon and you and your car will be able be in the moment. Come see us today.


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