What These Dashboard Lights Mean

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It’s okay if there are things about your car that you have no clue about. Dashboard lights shouldn’t be one of them, though. At least not the important ones, anyway. 

We’re here to help! Below are important dashboard warning lights and what they mean. 

Brake System Alert

This icon looks like a circle with an exclamation mark inside it. When your engine is running low on brake fluid, this little guy will light up. Low brake fluid is a major issue so bring your vehicle to our service department as soon as you can. It’s possible for your anti-lock brake system to malfunction and this light to turn on accidentally as well. In any case, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  

Oil Pressure Warning

This is one of the more obvious-looking dashboard lights because it’s an old-school oil can. If this light is on, it’s important to get it diagnosed immediately because it’s likely that your oil pressure is low, which can cause all kinds of engine damage if not addressed straightaway. 

Check Engine Light

The light is in the shape of an engine and sometimes has the word “CHECK” or “CHECK ENGINE” near it. This light is a cue from the engine’s computer to let you know that something is wrong, whether it’s an issue with the catalytic converter or your gas cap is loose. While this light could mean a wide range of problems, some of them small and some of them large, do not ignore it. If the light is on and stays on, get it checked out as soon as you can. If the light is flashing, this is an indication that there’s a serious problem that could escalate quickly.

Powertrain Malfunction

This icon is a gear with an exclamation point inside it. This light is illuminated if there’s a serious problem with your car’s powertrain. Your car is in dire need of attention if this light beams at you, so turn the car off and call us or use your Toyota Owners app for roadside assistance to remedy the issue. 

The Service Department at Steve Landers Toyota can help with diagnosing each of these dashboard lights. If one of them comes on, make an appointment or come by the dealership immediately and we’ll take care of it for you! 

Image: jenningsforddirect.com

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