How to Prevent Pollen Damage

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It’s springtime once again and here in Little Rock, that means pollen in addition to breezy weather and tons of rain. Pollen isn’t just devastating to allergies, but it can devastate your paint job too. 

We’ve got a few suggestions to protect your vehicle’s clear coat and color. 

1. Wash your car. This may seem too simple to include on our list, but most people probably don’t wash their car enough and it’s crucial to preventing pollen damage. BUT, you can’t just use water. That’s right, you have to use soap too. Give your vehicle a good wash with soap and water to wash all the pollen away. If you only use water, the pollen’s acidity will be activated, leaving stains on your car’s exterior. 

2. Finish with a wax. Waxing your car leaves a strong protective layer to keep pollen from sticking to our vehicle. This means that you won’t have to fully wash your vehicle every day and nobody wants to spend all that time at the car wash. 

3. Avoid parking under trees. We know, trees mean shade and that can help prevent sun damage in the long term while keeping your car cool. But, living in the Natural State means we’re bombarded by pollen from our trees, especially those Bradford Pears. If you can help it, park in areas that aren’t surrounded by trees. 

4. One more tip. If you’re an Arkansan and need advice on how to deal with you pollen allergy, we recommend changing your cabin air filter and using the “recirculate” setting on your air conditioner.

Keeping these easy tips in mind will ensure that your car won’t take on pollen damage, meaning your paint job will shine for years to come! 

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