Top 5 Places to Appreciate Fall’s Beautiful Colors in Arkansas

Fall has swept over Arkansas and we’re in constant awe of nature’s beauty here at Steve Landers Toyota! Whether making the daily drive or taking a weekend adventure, we’re suckers for a gorgeous view and celebration of autumn’s bountiful colors. Speaking of colors, we’d love to share our five favorite spots to visit in Arkansas when appreciating fall’s beautiful foliage. Let’s take a look at the list!

Stout's Point

Located on Mount Petit Jean, slightly Northwest of Little Rock, Stout’s Point provides an eagle-eyed vantage point of the surrounding Arkansas landscape. Truly one of the most scenic locations in Arkansas, Stout’s Point is well worth a visit and will help you discover the autumn splendor you’ve envisioned. Make the trek and your senses will reward you! 

Six Finger Falls

Nestled in the Ozark National Forest, Six Finger Falls offers one of the most beautiful scenes across Arkansas. Located just a few hundred yards away from trail parking, Six Finger Falls is a family-friendly hike and won’t leave you hunched over and winded. The 100-foot-wide pool is maintained by a six-foot waterfall fed from a nearby creek and reflects the gorgeous fall foliage around the falls. Orange, red, yellow and green all ripple amongst the waves, making for a picturesque scene that’ll surely take your breath away. Catch the sunrise or sunset and your time at Six Finger Falls is be amplified tenfold!

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail

Venture North, just inside the Bella Vista city limits and you’ll encounter the Tanyard Creek Nature Trail. Easy enough for a casual hiker and child-friendly, Tanyard Creek Nature Trail offers plenty of outdoor adventure for the whole crew! Rock formations lie just off the beaten path and there’s even a cave nearby for the thrillseekers. Fall’s colors ignite the forest around the trail, making for a beautiful saunter through the woods. Hear the running water? You’ve discovered the waterfall and creek that runs through the Tanyard trail. For the best fall view, make sure that you walk across the suspension bridge over the creek!

Pinnacle Mountain

Sometimes the best place to look is right outside your backyard! Chances are high that you’ve hiked Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock, but have you hiked the mountain during the fall? Pinnacle has exploded in autumn color and each step you take up the mountain will take your breath away in more ways than one! Technical hikers can scramble up Pinnacle’s “Hard-Side,” while casual hikers will want to stay on the mountain’s normal trails. Climb high and you’ll see a panoramic view of Little Rock, splattered with splotches of orange, red, yellow and green. It’s truly worth the trip!

Garvan Woodland Gardens

Drive down to Hot Springs for the day and make a stop at Garvan Woodland Gardens for an unforgettable outdoor experience! Whether driving by the garden or strolling through on foot, Garvan Gardens will steal the show with its floral arrangements and towering trees washed in autumn’s palette. If you’ve never visited the gardens, there’s never been a better reason to make the trip! Grab a few friends or family members and visit the gardens while the trees are still in full force. You won’t regret it!

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