Take your very own Scare Tour of Arkansas!

It’s October and you know what that means… it’s time for frights and local haunts! Arkansas is home to plenty of haunted locales and we’re here to help you plan your road trip across the state to some of the most frightening locations. Let’s take a look at some favorites of ours and the most popular haunted spots in Arkansas. 

First up is the Old State House, located in Little Rock, Ark. When former Speaker of the House John Wilson ruled a representative out of order, little did he imagine having to fight for his life on the House floor. The two men fought until, unfortunately, the representative lay dead. Many claim that during their visit to the Old State House museum, they’ve experienced paranormal activity and seen the ghost of John Wilson. Wilson, who lived a life wracked with guilt, is said to be bound to the Old State House in eternal servitude for the murder committed over 150 years ago.

Known as “The Most Haunted Hotel in America,” the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ark. is a must-see on your scare tour. The Crescent Hotel and Spa has operated as a full-fledged hotel, a college, an observatory and even a cancer research center. Visitors can spend the night in any room the hotel has to offer, but many claim that room 218 is the most haunted room in the hotel. A stonemason fell to his death while working on the roof and occupants of the room claim that they’ve heard the worker’s screams, experienced hands reaching out from behind mirrors and tampering with the lights. Can you make it through the night?

Northwest Arkansas is filled with untamed beauty, but for this stop on our scare tour, we’re going to the site of a civil war battle. The Battle of Pea Ridge was no small skirmish. Over 26,000 men, many of whom were still young enough to be considered boys, stood tall on the battlefield, scared of the fight to come. The Confederate forces outnumbered the Union by nearly 6,000, but they were weary from marching across snowy fields and over mountains, resulting in a major victory for the Union forces. Over 3,000 soldiers lost their lives on the battlefield and many who visit claim they can hear cannons firing, shouting and the presence of the soldiers around them. Heading to the battlefield makes for an exciting day trip and the paranormal thrill seeker in you might find some excitement during your scare tour. 

No one can quite explain the strange occurrences that happen over at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. Some nights a wine bottle takes a dive off a cabinet, while some nights it's the ghostly bellman drifting through the front doors. Nobody really knows what’s happening. Visitors claim that spirits roam the halls in old-fashioned clothing, popping in and out of view. Whatever it may be, we’re definitely skeptical, but can YOU stay the night at the Arlington without letting curiosity get the best of you? You might just discover more than you bargained for. 

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