Once upon a time, if you wanted a vehicle that was powered by all four wheels (all-wheel drive) your choices were limited to a few large trucks and full-size SUVS. Now, more vehicles are offered with an all-wheel drivetrain, and the 2021 Toyota Avalon is one of them! At Steve Landers Toyota, we can’t wait for the release of the 2021 AWD Avalon, but you’re probably wondering: what is AWD and what is so special about it? 


See the Press Release for the 2021 Avalon with AWD


As the name states, all-wheel drive is just that: all wheels of the vehicle are powered at the same time. AWD systems can be active at all times or only part-time. The Toyota-developed Dynamic Torque Control AWD system on the 2021 Avalon is a part-time system. This means that only part of the time the vehicle operates in all-wheel drive mode. 


The Dynamic Torque Control AWD system works by directing up to 50 percent of engine torque to the rear wheels, in response to acceleration from a start or slippage at the front wheels. When AWD isn’t needed, such as on long highway drives, it is disengaged to prioritize fuel efficiency. However, if the driver encounters a slippery road or another obstacle in which AWD is needed, the system will engage in an instant. This change is virtually unnoticeable to both drivers and passengers, and it provides extra traction and road grip in inclement weather for the smoothest ride. 


Are you ready for the 2021 Avalon with AWD? So are we! We can’t wait to get this dynamic, luxurious sedan on our lot. Stay up-to-date on the latest news about the 2021 Avalon on Toyota’s website. If you’re ready to commit to a new car but you can’t wait for the 2021 Avalon, why not check out our inventory of the 2020 Avalon


See the Press Release for the 2021 Avalon with AWD

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