The dog days of summer have arrived in Arkansas, and things are heating up! You probably notice that your car is terribly hot after being parked in the sun, and the first  thing you do after you start your car is turn the A/C on high to get some relief from the heat. You may be wondering, why does your car get so hot, and does it really reach deadly temperatures? 


Why Do Cars Get So Hot? 


Similar to a greenhouse, a car absorbs heat from its many windows. Sunlight enters all windows at once, heating the dashboard and seats. As a result, the dashboard and seats radiate heat, and with the windows rolled up, fresh air can’t get inside to push the heat out. 


Cars can get dangerously hot even in mild temperatures. Research shows that the internal temperature of a car parked in the sun can rise by more than one degree per minute in the first 30 minutes. If you leave your car parked for 30 minutes on a 90-degree day, the internal temperature can be at least 120-degrees when you return. 


Never Leave a Pet or Child Unattended in the Car 


Even on a mild 70-degree day, your car can get as hot at 100-degrees in thirty minutes. While you should never leave a child or pet unattended in the car ever, it is increasingly more dangerous to leave them in a parked car on a hot summer day, and it could be fatal. 


Keep Your Car Cooler in the Summer


How can you make sure your car stays cool when parked outside? While you should never leave your child or pet in the hot car, it isn’t comfortable for you to return to a hot car, either. To keep your car cooler, park in a shady spot, use a reflective sunshade in the windshield and windows, have your windows tinted, leave the windows rolled down 1-2 inches and use a car cover when parking long-term. You can also choose light colored interior and exterior colors as they absorb less heat from the sun, resulting in cooler temperatures. 


When you start your car up, you should make sure your air conditioning is functioning properly to keep you and your precious cargo cool. At Steve Landers Toyota, we can get your air conditioning in perfect working order for these hot summer months. Simply schedule your service appointment now and we can help you out! Plus, with Landers Direct you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to get your vehicle serviced. We’ll pick up your vehicle and return it to you when it is complete, and right now it’s free with your appointment!


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