During the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Steve Landers Toyota have taken great measure to keep our customers and employees safe. We’ve implemented more frequent cleaning measures, encouraged social distancing, and offered no-contact service and sales. Now, we’re happy to offer a brand new service to our customers to make their essential maintenance appointments easier and safer: Landers Direct.


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What is Landers Direct? 

Landers Direct is an easier way to have your vehicle serviced. With Landers Direct, all you have to do is schedule your appointment and we take care of the rest for you! Here is how Landers Direct works: 

  1. Schedule Your Vehicle for Pickup 

First, schedule your vehicle for pick-up on our website. You will receive a text message from one of our drivers when they are on their way. 

  1. We’ll Pick Up Your Vehicle 

We will collect your vehicle from you and take it to our service department at Steve Landers Toyota. 

  1. We’ll Review Your Vehicle and Notify You of Needed Repairs

Once your vehicle has arrived in our service department, our technicians will get to work and inspect your vehicle for service needs. We will then notify you of any needed repairs or maintenance. 

  1. Review and Pay Online

Once your service is complete, you’ll review and pay online. 

  1. Your Vehicle is Disinfected and Returned to You

Finally, our technicians thoroughly disinfect your vehicle for your safety and return it to you! 


Why Should I Use Landers Direct? 

Landers Direct makes servicing your vehicle safe and convenient! With Landers Direct, you can relax while we take care of the work for you. No longer do you have to wait at the dealership for your service to be completed! 


Are you ready to try Landers Direct? We at Steve Landers Toyota are excited to offer this incredible new service to our customers, and we know you’ll love it. Schedule your appointment now for your next Landers Direct service! 


Schedule My Service Appointment Now

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