How to Sanitize the Interior of Your Car


With flu season underway and fears of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) growing, we at Steve Landers Toyota know that protecting yourself and your family is your top priority. We all know that the best way to protect yourself and others is prevention through hand washing, avoiding large social gatherings and cleaning frequently used surfaces. 


Cleaning the interior of your car probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of disease prevention. However, your car is often the first thing you touch after leaving any public place, making it a petri dish for some pretty nasty stuff. Keeping your car interior clean is a vital part of preventing transmission to others, especially to those in your own home. Here are some of the best methods we at Steve Landers Toyota recommend for sanitizing your car. 


How to Sanitize Leather Seats


If you have leather upholstered seats, you probably don’t want to clean them with just any sanitizing wipe or spray, because leather has a finish that could be damaged by some solvents and cleaners. Soap and water is the best way to sanitize your hands, and it’s perfectly safe and effective for leather seats, too! Before cleaning, put on a pair of disposable gloves. Next, dampen the seats and lather soap (most household soaps will work just fine) onto the leather seats for at least 20 seconds. Soap breaks down the lipid (fatty) bilayer of many viruses, dissolving the fat membrane and killing pathogens. Soap is much gentler on leather than bleach or alcohol-based cleaners, and you can mitigate any drying effects by applying a leather conditioner after cleaning. 


How to Clean the Car Dashboard


The best thing to clean your dashboard without degrading surfaces is soap and water. Simply dampen the area and scrub with soap for 20 seconds, then rinse with a wet paper towel or washcloth. Obviously, it’s difficult to clean buttons and controls without getting water inside and possibly causing damage. These controls can be cleaned with alcohol-based wipes or other cleaners that are known to kill the virus. The EPA has released a list of cleaners that can kill the virus here


How to Clean the Steering Wheel, Seat Belts, Handles, and Other Car Surfaces 


When it comes to cleaning the car steering wheel, the solution you use to clean it depends on the material of the wheel. If it is a leather wheel, you can clean it with soap, however, this is a surface you should clean frequently. The quickest and easiest way to clean it in a pinch is by using sanitizing wipes. Keep a container of wipes in your glove box to clean frequently touched surfaces like the steering wheel, seat belts, controls, door handles and gear shift daily. If you are worried about damaging any surfaces, you can test the product in an inconspicuous area first to prevent any discoloration or degradation. 


At Steve Landers Toyota, we are dedicated to keeping our customers and employees safe. If you have any questions, concerns or you need special accommodation, please reach out to us. Most importantly of all, keep yourself safe. If you are feeling ill and exhibit symptoms, visit the CDC website to find testing and treatment. 

Read the EPA’s List of Cleaners to Kill Coronavirus
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